Professional Block Management For London, Kent & Essex

Registered in England & Wales. Company No. 08258640.

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Siena Property Management

 Professional Block Management For South London, Kent & Essex


About Siena Property Management

About Us

We offer professional and bespoke block management for properties typically located in South London, Kent and Essex. However we also manage property nationwide.  

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Siena Property Management Testimonials


Siena Property Management prides itself on delivering a quality service to clients. Inevitably when something does go wrong or needs fixing, it’s the speed of response and solution which differentiates good block managers.  Take a moment to read some of our testimonials.  Find Out More....

Why Choose Siena Property Management?

Why Choose Us?


It can be difficult knowing who to appoint as managing agent.  Whether appointing an agent for the first time, or looking to change agents, there are some great reasons to consider Siena Property Management.

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What Is Block Management?

What Is Block Management?

Block management involves a dedicated agent looking after a property estate ensuring that the standard and working order of the property estate is maintained in accordance with residents’ expectations.  

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Siena Property Management FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to how block management works or want to see some of the common questions we get asked please take a look at our FAQ.  Find Out More.…

Siena Property Management Our Services

Our Services

When it comes to managing a block there is much to look after and the ongoing services required can be extensive.  We offer a variety of different services and not all are mandatory.  Find Out More.…

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